40 days to rise

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welcome to our 40 days to RISE collective

Through commitment + devotion to personal rituals + practices our power, creativity and purpose are ignited and through it, we become and we rise.

the details

The 40 days will follow a weekly theme that aligns with the lunar cycle to integrate nature’s rhythms and momentum to our own journey and cycle.

The focus is on cultivating a personal practice, one that will take you beyond these 40 days together, one that becomes a part of who you and that will evolve with you as you do throughout your life.

We will provide a wide variety of  RITUALS   (a mix of mind + body + mystical practices) for you to choose from, that feel resonant with your heart, schedule and lifestyle.  You may have practices and rituals that you already enjoy doing but may want to recommit to doing more regularly or feel free to take any of our suggestions and make them your own. You make the rules !

Your personal practices are to be committed to and carried out by you EVERYDAY for 40 days. They do not have to be completed at the same time everyday, although we do suggest that for those who need the extra support in building consistency and discipline. You will hold yourself accountable and we are all here to support and encourage each other.

As part of the weekly themes, and in addition to your daily practice, Erika and I will send out tidbits every Monday to inspire and draw us deeper into our practices gradually and progressively over the weeks.

expect weekly:

  • rituals
  • practices
  • journal prompts
  • tarot spreads
  • recipes
  • tutorials
  • astral insights
  • playlists + podcast recommendations


the schedule

the weekly themes are aligned with the Lunar cycle 

  • Week 1 | May 8-14 – Full Moon | Reflection
  • Week 2 | May 15-21 – Waning Moon |Rewilding +Releasing
  • Week 3 | May 22-28 – New Moon | Rooting + Renewing
  • Week 4 | May 29-June 4 – Waxing Moon | Rebuilding + Reclaiming
  • Week 5 | June 5-11 – Full Moon | Rising 
  • Week 6 | June 11-16  – the last days | Becoming + Integration + Embodiment


*Monday Mornings

we will send out an email with journal prompts and ritual suggestions for the week. You choose what feels resonant, attainable and nourishing. You choose when you would like to carry out your personal practices based on your needs, schedule and lifestyle.


*Wednesdays 10-11 am

we will hold a virtual yoga class. If you can’t make the day or time, all classes will be recorded and sent to our group. A consistent yoga practice can also be part of your daily rituals if you prefer to practice more than once a week.

ZOOM LINK HERE for the yoga classes  > https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83315644088


*Friday evenings 7pm

we host the women’s circles, Friday is associated with the planet Venus and the Divine Feminine energy. There will be 6 circles in total.

Friday evening Circle dates

    • Friday May 8  
    • Friday May 15  
    • Friday May 22  
    • Friday May 29 
    • Friday June 5  
    • Friday June 12

ZOOM LINK HERE for the women’s circles > https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83348347914


holistic nutrition workshop with erika 

As we bring our focus back to the basics we are being intuitively called to do the same when it comes to our nourishment and what our body is craving. Our bodies naturally work in cycles adjusting with the seasons and spring is a time we are drawn toward clearing and letting go.When we are our most vital selves we are able to dive deeper into the self. Erika will offer wisdom and guidance on beneficial ingredients and simplified yang foods to bring us into balance during the spring season as we reduce the heaviness of winter and are intuitively drawn to the lightness of spring.

product recommendations from erika

stay connected 

join our facebook group to share + ask advice + support each other – I know I know, nobody wants to join another face book group but its the easiest way for us all to stay connected throughout this journey.

FACEBOOK GROUP LINK > https://www.facebook.com/groups/241297473616441/?ref=share

POSTING to social media #40daystorise | @nurture_nicole | @embodied.earth

By Email – nurturewithnicole@gmail.com | hello@embodiedearth.co

the daily rituals

Rituals are simply routines/actions that we carry out daily, however, what makes them special is that they are purposefully made to feel more sacred by our presence, intentions and heart.

Rituals are an act of self love + self worth + self care

A list of invitations to inspire + to choose + to personalize:

remember your daily rituals are meant to be carried out EVERYDAY. Start by picking the things that feel familiar or attainable and you can add things progressively over the coming weeks if you want to. Some of these rituals I will perform with you during circle and weekly via videos, posts and tutorials.


Sacred Environment

  • time of day: what time feels most auspicious + practical for you
  • create an altar: somewhere to place sacred + meaningful objects 
  • create beauty: implement a sense of beauty to your surroundings, practices, space feel so that it feels special and sacred  
  • turn off your devices: be present and minimize distractions

Pen to Paper

  • free flow intuitive writing: no structure or prompts, simply writing freely
  • gratitude journaling: writing a list of things your grateful for and why. Different things everyday.
  • dream journaling: recalling your dreams or journaling what you dream for yourself
  • affirmation journaling: writing present tense affirmations

Spoken Word

  • cleaning up your language: inner and outer language
  • telling your loved ones what you appreciated about them that day: get specific
  • affirmations: present tense, I statements “I am capable of pursuing my dreams”
  • japa mantra: repeating a mantra or a single affirmation 108 time with a mala
  • chanting: singing an ancient mantra or bij mantra like “om”
  • singing: sing your face off, it stimulates the throat chakra and sacral chakra
  • use your voice: when the urge is there to say something, don’t hold back, speak your truth

Movement Medicine

  • yoga: basic sun salutations are easy to follow and perform daily, or any type of yoga
  • dancing: free flowing dance, move intuitively
  • walking + jogging + running: just get out everyday and be in your body and present
  • exercise: any type of movement that allows you to release tension and expectations, be present and in your body
  • hiking: taking in nature and nurturing movement

Breath Work

  • alternate nostril breathing: inhale left nostril, exhale right nostril, inhale right nostril, exhale left nostril, repeat for 10 minutes or more | balances the body’s energy and brain
  • square breathing: inhale for 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4, hold for 4, repeat for 10 minutes or more
  • progressive equal breathing: inhale 5 exhale 5, inhale 6 exhale 6, inhale 7 exhale 7, and as possible without struggling, up to 15 or less, breath should be smooth and rhythmic.


  • candle gazing: stare at a candle and direct all of your attention there for 10 minutes up to 20 minutes
  • no technique meditation: just sit still in observation, nothing is required, observe the thoughts, maintain stillness and calm breath.
  • guided meditation: there are many apps, videos on youtube
  • I am That meditation: give the word THAT context and when you breathe in think “I AM” and breathe out think “THAT”
  • chakra meditation: focus on the chakras, their colours and sounds
  • mudra: hand gestures that direct the flow of energy

Self Care

  • morning tongue scraping: immediately upon waking use a scraper or spoon to scrape off the layer on your tongue and then drink warm lemon water
  • oil pulling: swish cold pressed organic coconut or sesame oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes, then discard down the toilet. This removes toxins from the body
  • ritual bath: light candles, add bath salts, essential oils, baking soda, petals to your bath
  • abhyanga: an ayurveda treatment of self massaging the body with dosh specific high quality oil
  • cold water: end your shower with cold water, submerge yourself in the river or lake
  • reiki: if you have been attuned, give yourself + your food reiki daily
  • sleep: waking and going to bed at the same time everyday, give yourself the amount of sleep that you need
  • limiting device use: especially upon waking and prior to sleeping
  • getting ready for the day: get ready, dress beautifully for yourself everyday, even if you aren’t leaving the house


  • drink water: drink drink drink more water !!!
  • eliminating: toxins, alcohol, caffeine, wheat, sugar, processed,
  • adding: plants, supplements, adaptogens,
  • fasting: intermittent fasting, eating less, eating the last meal of the day earlier
  • cooking: prepare and plate your meals with intent, presence and love
  • eating: eat sitting down, savor your food, take your time and slow it down


  • tarot/oracle: daily card pulls or spreads
  • white light: imagine surrounding yourself with white light every morning
  • crystal: play, therapy
  • smudging: cleansing with the smoke from palo santo, sage, cedar, lavender, sweet grass, etc…
  • prayer: speaking to a higher power, god, creator, source, spirit, guides
  • cacao ceremony: taking in the spiritual and health benefits of raw cacao
  • tea ceremony: the art of sitting with tea
  • intention setting: setting a heart intention for each day
  • music: listen to uplifting, high vibe music, we will send out recommendations
  • cord cutting: image energetic cords or real one, tied to what you wish to release and then cut it with scissors or image doing it. (we will perform this at the 2nd circle)


  • earthing: bare feet on the earth
  • tree hugging: connecting with tree energy
  • animal medicine: connecting with animals
  • water medicine: purifying in natural bodies of water
  • fire medicine: bonfires or fireplace
  • flower medicine: create mandala, play with, decorate with flowers
  • sun medicine: get sunlight onto your body everyday(without sunscreen/better to moderate exposure than put chemicals on your skin, do your research)


  • harness your creativity: drawing, painting, making, building, growing, beautifying


Surya Namaskar aka Sun Salutations 

The ancient yogis taught that each of us replicates the world at large, embodying “rivers, seas, mountains, fields…stars and planets…the sun and moon” (Shiva Samhita, II.1-3).

Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskara is a series of postures sequenced together to create a short but powerful practice to energize, warm, and awaken the body connecting us to our own inner knowing.

This flow can be practiced on it’s own or can be used to prepare for a longer practice.  Each movement flows together as they are linked with each breath, calming the nervous system and boosts immunity while rejuvenating the body and calming the mind. These postures also help to build internal heat that oxygenates the blood, strengthens the heart and builds digestive fire.

By incorporating this into your morning routine, it offers you a chance to start your day by steadying your mind while opening the body to awareness and self discovery.