a full moon ritual for reflection


a full moon ritual for self reflection


This ritual is intended to help us to look at all of ourselves in self reflection with the full illumination of the moon. We must learn to accept ourselves as whole. Look without judgement but with receptivity and grace.


you will need:

  • Candle 
  • Something for cleansing
  • Pen + 2 sheets of paper
  • Your favorite crystal or a flower from the garden
  • A mirror of any size or on the hangs on the wall

Make your environment sacred – light your candle

Cleanse yourself and the space – imagine the space and you being cleansed and protected

  • Smudge yourself with the smoke of cedar, sage, palo santo, copala, 
  • Use reiki if you’ve been attuned
  • Use the white light invocation 


1.) In front of the mirror look at yourself – breathe deep, observe, witness for a few moments 

Ask yourself 

  • What parts of me want to be seen, witnessed, acknowledged
  • What parts of me have I been ignoring, stifling, repressing, pushing aside
  • What parts of me am I ashamed of, scared of, angry at, grieving, 
  • What part of your inner child wants to be seen, acknowledged 
  • What part of your higher self wants to be seen, acknowledged
  • What part of your small self/ego wants to be seen acknowledged
  • What part of your future self wants to be seen acknowledged 
  • Who do I want to become 
  • What in me wants to RISE


2.) Write down the things that are coming up for you on a sheet of paper. Try to be in the heart feeling rather than in the head thinking. Be receptive – Be open 

3.) Now ask yourself how you can best support yourself with daily rituals? Ask yourself what you’re missing from your life: joy, magic, play, fun, creativity, movement, discipline, pleasure, expression etc…

Look at the list of ritual examples or think of your own, and on a separate sheet of paper create the list of the rituals that you are going to carry out everyday as non negotiable.

4.) You can make a secondary list of the things you’d like to explore and try as bonus rituals. 

Once your list is complete

5.) Take one hand over the heart, the other over them abdomen (your power center) and take 10 rhythmic breaths in and out through the nose

Commit to yourself

“I commit and devote myself to my daily rituals for the next 40 days. 

I am committed and devoted to making time for my daily rituals and carrying them out because I value myself

I commit and devote myself to my daily rituals as an act of self love.

I commit and devote myself to my daily rituals to rise into the person I am, the person I am meant to be and the person I am becoming. 

Through my commitment and devotion to my daily rituals – I emerge I become and  

I rise 

And so it is. “


6.) Place your crystal or flower over your paper and place by a window under the light of the moon 

7.) If you want to and can do it safely, burn the other sheet of paper, but it isn’t necessary.  Fire is alchemy 

End your ritual by giving thanks and blowing out your candle.


begin your daily rituals the following day 


With love