a ritual for planting and nurturing intentions




This Ritual is intended to help you plant and nurture your seeds of intention with the energy of the dark moon.


You will need:

  • A smudging tool of your choice
  • A pen + paper
  • A glass of filtered drinking water 
  • A wild flower or garden flower 
  • Access to outside (preferably sunshine)



1.) Begin by going outside, if you are able sit under the light of the sun. Begin smudging your aura and then follow with your surroundings. As you cleanse your aura recite the following-

“I cleanse my aura with the power of love and light that dwells inside me. I cleanse my aura of all that keeps me from accessing my true self. I release and let it all go. I release and let it all go. I am whole now. I am complete. I am me. And so it is”

As you cleanse your surroundings feel free to recite the following-

“I cleanse this space with the power of love and light. May this space, may these offerings of nature guide and bless me as I work through this ritual. Bless this water. Bless these flowers. Bless this space. I am blessed. I am blessed. I am blessed. And so it is”


2,) Close your eyes and place your hands on your body. Take 10 breaths in and out of your nose. Read and reflect on the prompts below. 


  • How can I bridge my head + my heart in my life
  • How can I allow myself to be truly seen and heard
  • What do I want to grow in this cycle
  • How can I work toward my dreams this cycle
  • How do I want to feel this cycle
  • How can I trust myself more 
  • How can I listen to my intuition more
  • How can I love myself more 
  • Where can I be more flexible and invite in more flow
  • Where can I bring in more receptivity and curiosity  
  • How can I incorporate my new perceptions and beliefs
  • How can I embody and nurture the changes that I wish to make


3.) Open the palms, soften the fingers and allow yourself to become receptive to whatever wants to be revealed to you. Actively listen and let go.


4.) Now take your pen and paper and start to write down everything that comes up for you. Don’t stop to think, just keep writing .


5.) Once you’ve stopped writing, look at your paper and reflect on what you have written down. Based on these reflections, begin to write down some intentions for what you would like to continue growing throughout the coming weeks and beyond and these will become the seeds you will plant and nourish this lunar cycle. Trust what comes up and try not to question or doubt yourself. 


6.) Now take your flower gently in your hands. Admire its beauty. Reflect on its uniqueness and everything it needed in order to survive, thrive and bloom out in the elements. Water, Sun, Nourishment, Strong Roots.

Reflect on everything you will require on your journey to bloom.


7.) Now with your flower in your hands, close your eyes and begin to speak aloud. Call to the element of Air to carry your words and intentions out into fruition. 

Let your heart guide your words – try your best not to overthink it.


8.) When you feel like you’ve said all you want to say, repeat loudly AND SO IT IS”


9.) Now remember everything that a flower needs to thrive and grow, a prepared FOUNDATION + WATER + SUNLIGHT + NOURISHMENT + STRONG ROOTS, and throughout the next two weeks, when you nurturing, remember to drink water, get some sunlight, anchor and root, eat something nourishing and promise to take care of yourself.


10.) Now drink your glass of water. Let the sunshine on your face. If you wish, keep your flower and paper as a reminder of your intentions or give them back to the elements in the ways we’ve discussed/performed in previous rituals.



new moon + new intention blessings


with love,