a ritual for releasing


A Ritual for Releasing with the earth elements


Check in with your heart and ask yourself “which of the elements do I feel called to work with for this ritual”

You will need:

If working with the Fire element:

  • Cleansing Tool of choice- smudge sticks, incense, oils, white light invocation, etc
  • Bowl of water
  • Candle
  • Paper and Pen

If working with the Water element:

  • Cleansing Tool of choice- smudge sticks, incense, oils, white light invocation, etc
  • Access to natural body of water or a bowl of water
  • Paper and Pen

If working with the Air element:

  • Cleansing Tool of choice- smudge sticks, incense, oils, white light invocation, etc
  • Access to go outside and speak aloud
  • Paper and Pen

If working with the Earth element:  

  • Cleansing Tool of choice- smudge sticks, incense, oils, white light invocation, etc
  • Access to soil 
  • Pen and Paper



1.) Begin by cleansing your aura and energy using your tool of choice. As you cleanse, recite the following-

“I cleanse and release all energy that holds me down, holds me back, or keeps me trapped in fear. As I cleanse this energy releases, and I am left free and clear. I feel myself getting lighter, I feel the flow of energy. I am restored. I am cleansed. I glow with the energy of my true authentic self.”

Now, follow up by cleansing your surroundings and ritual ingredients. As you cleanse, you can recite the following if you wish-

“I cleanse this space above and below, my space is cleansed and protected. I cleanse these objects above and below, these objects are cleansed and protected. My home is a reflection of light and love, my home is clean and pure. I love myself, I love my surroundings, and only love may dwell here.”

2.) Have your ritual ingredients out in front of you. Take 5-10 deep breaths here just to calm and settle your mind and connect with your heart and spirit.

3.) Now, take your pen and paper and choose from one of the journal prompts below or come up with your own.. Don’t overthink it, just go with the prompt that resonates the most with you right now-

What old stories am I telling myself

What old patterns are keeping me stuck

What limitations beliefs have I outgrown 

What am I scared to let go of

What/where am I forcing in my life

What in my life wants to fall away

Where do I need to let go and surrender

If I wasn’t afraid, I would 

Where do I feel lack 

Where to I doubt myself

Where do I keep myself small 

What is weighing me down and holding me back from rising

What am in me am i suppressing 

What in my life no longer fits 

Where in my life do i need to give myself closure

Where am I ignoring my intuition 

What is my body telling me 

4.) Pick one or a few prompts that speak to you and for best results from this exercise, keep writing without lifting the pen off the paper as much as possible. The idea with this is that you want to develop a stream of consciousness, so keep writing even if you don’t know what to say or even if it doesn’t address the prompt. Just give yourself permission to dump out everything you are feeling.

When ready, start writing!

5.) Once you are done, take a few deep breaths with your hands over your heart just to calm and settle yourself again. Perhaps stand up and shake out your body. Just allow yourself to be with any emotions or insights that have been stirred up for you.

Important to allow yourself to be receptive to what wants to be felt and revealed and avoid rushing this part of the process. 

6.) Now, while still sitting, place your hands anywhere on your body and repeat aloud or quietly the following mantra-

“I am not defined by my words. I am not defined by my past, by my fears, my trauma or by others. I am love. I am me. I am light. I am strong. I am powerful. I am sovereign. I know there is nothing I cannot achieve once I decide. I know I am worthy of all that I wish to receive. I know that my heart is pure and true. I know who I am. And so it is.”

7.) Take a moment to read over what you have written. Perhaps highlight or underline any comments or sentences that stand out to you. Then, from what you have written, see what messages or lessons you can take away. Your heart will guide you with this.

8.) When ready, take your paper 

If working with the Fire Element: rip your paper into quarters and burn a piece at a time in the flame of the candle very carefully. Take a deep breath in and out as you do this. When the paper gets too hot, drop it into the bowl of water. Be very careful not to burn yourself or catch fire to anything around you. 

Imagine the fire alchemising all that you are releasing.

If working with the Water Element: rip your paper into smaller pieces and release into a natural body of water or into your bowl. Sometimes it’s nice to add flower petals to this if you have access. 

Imagine the water purifying and cleansing all that you are releasing.

If working with the Air Element: take your paper outside. Become aware of the wind and breeze on your face as you close your eyes. When you feel it begin to speak what you wish to release aloud – speaking in the present first person “I release” use your voice, don’t hold back. 

Ask the wind to carry it away and then imagine it. 

If working with the Earth Element: take your paper outside, dig a small whole somewhere in the soils, even placing at the bottom of a planter, cover your paper with soil. You can plant seeds or a flower over top if you like, or not. 

Give it to mother earth and ask her to compost what you are releasing and imagine it.

9.) now repeat the following with your hands on your body

“I love you. It is safe for you to be yourself. You no longer need to hide from the world. You are incredible and I love you so much. Allow yourself to shine, allow yourself to be all that you are. I know you are here to do great things. You are incredible. You are a walking miracle and I want you to own this and feel this each and every day. You are amazing. You are free. You are rising.”

10.) Discard any water or soggy paper outside if possible.

To close the ritual, become very present and give thanks to nature, to yourself, to this experience, to the lessons, and to spirit.

Blow out the candle if using one. 



With love,