awaken to spring

Awaken to Spring (1)


Awaken to Spring

Awaken after Winter’s deep rest to uncover your hearts calling and welcome the SPRING season along with more vitality into your life & body. The beginning of spring ignites our hearts desire for renewal and new beginnings. Experience a revitalized version of yourself guided by seasonal wisdom, yoga & breath to awaken a fuller essence of you.
In this workshop we will:

– learn about the spring season, it’s energetic qualities and how to tune into this natural rhythm.

-learn why it’s an ideal time to set new intentions, new plans, new habits, new goals and to create.

– participate in an uplifting yoga practice that will focus on breath and shapes to help purify and energize your body and heart.

– partake in a ritual of journaling and intention setting to commemorate the beginning of a fresh start and new direction for all that you hope to bloom in the coming year.

– learn what best practices & foods will nourish you and enhance the vibrancy and vitality that springs brings.