fertility & womb yoga


fertility + womb support

This deeply restorative class uses a combination of restorative yoga, breath work, energy healing & guided meditation to help balance and support your mind, nervous system, body, and spirit  on your journey to conceiving and/or healing the womb.

The practice will follow the basic principles of yoga but combine them with specific postures designed to support the reproductive organs, and lower chakras which can deeply increase energetic and blood flow.

Classes focus on providing stress relief and relaxation in order to balance the body’s hormones and emotions in an effort to make the body and energetic field more receptive and open. It is also an opportunity to rejuvenate, nurture, give love to yourself and surrender to spirit.

This class will help to:

  • Give you an understanding of the Energetic Chakra System
  • Move energy where you may feel stuck
  • Provide deep relaxation & rest
  • Support the nervous system and relieve tension & stress

This class is intended to support:

  • fertility
  • pregnancy loss
  • creative or sexual blockages
  • coming off of birth control
  • trauma in the womb, sexual or reproductive organ

*Please note: you will not have to speak about your reason for attending the classes. Your privacy is deeply respected


Upcoming Classes

Series begins November 6th – December 11th

Wednesdays from 7-815pm

in Chilliwack River Valley

Investment $90 for all 6 classes or $20 drop in

Space is very limited