winter solstice


winter solstice – soulful reflection

In the Northern Hemisphere we honour the longest night of the year as Winter Solstice, a time to tune into the magic and beauty of the changing season, and welcome back the slow blooming daylight. As the cold and dark dormancy of the Winter offers a time for deep reflection and self care, so too the spirit of Solstice offers a time of rebirth and renewal, as we begin our spiral back towards the Sun.

On this occasion we’re invited to dive deeply into ourselves, and observe what is calling our loving attention. What aspects of ourselves are being revealed by the shadows? What truths are beckoning to be birthed into the light of the new year?

In this 2hr workshop, you’ll join sacred sisters Nicole and Ananda, as they guide a nourishing evening of ritual, meditation and movement medicine, to support a mindful transition into this new seasonal cycle.

We look forward to sharing:

* The significance of Winter Solstice and Yule

* Lunar influences and reflections on the Full Moon

* A gentle and warming yoga practice

* Guided ritual for inner reflection and renewed intentions

* Tools and best practices for self care and soul nourishment over the holiday season

With awareness, we can celebrate this festive time with grace and ease!