new year + new intentions


NEW year + intentions + moon

Join Nicole for a movement practice and circle discussion about the moon cycle, how it influences our life & how you can live more in flow with it’s natural rhythms this year.

There is no better time to learn about the moon cycle and set intentions for the year than with the energy of the new moon and more specifically, the first new moon of 2020.

A New Moon marks the beginning of a new cycle & a fresh start.
Set new intentions, new goals and prepare for a new beginning, decade and exciting energetic phase.

Nicole will explain the moon cycle in depth and how to work with the moon from month to month to create more flow in your own life for the year ahead.
She will also guide you through a moon salutations yoga practice and breath work suited to all levels of practitioners.

Sunday January 19th 2020
At Yoga Studio B
330-5 pm
$25 +gst