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I was recently asked to share my thoughts and answer some questions about my experiences with my intuition for an article that was being written for Tuja Wellness 



Intuition is not an eccentric psychic person with a crystal ball that tells you your future. It is an inherent birthright, your inner voice and not some superhuman gift bestowed only to a select few.

We are in a new paradigm where people have a better understanding of our limitless potential and capabilities.

Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge immediately without conscious rational thought. It is bypassing the linear thought, reasoning and inference process of the mind to directly understand something.

I believe there is no right or wrong way when it comes to intuition

It is your inherent birthright and as unique as you are, and because of that, I can only speak to how it works for me and how I have experienced it in my own life.

I believe that it should be discovered, unearthed and practiced in a way that is self explanatory as it reveals itself to you as you learn to navigate it because there is no road map for it.

Intuition isn’t about doing anything, in fact, the more I do and try to understand with logic – the less I am able to receive and hear.

The more open, present and in a state of receptivity and allowing, the more I am able to hear, feel and see.

Is there a way of asking that you recommend (outdoors, in meditation, out-loud, a certain format)?

When I am seeking clarity and guidance I like to ask aloud if I am somewhere private,  but If i am in a public setting or in the presence of others, I will ask internally.

More important than how I ask, is my state of being when I ask. I will always first take about 10 full and rhythmic cycles of breath in and out of my nose to center and ground my energy and become still, quiet and present. From this place I am most receptive and connected to my heart and to spirit which is also part and parcel with being out of the brain and logic.

I take my hands and place them over my heart or sometimes from a seated position I place my hands on my thighs with the palms face up and open, and ask for clarity, for a message, for support.

I sit and breathe without any expectations other than being present with myself and receptive to allowing whatever is meant to come in.

Sometimes I feel an inner knowing come as my answer, sometimes it’s a feeling of being completely held and supported, sometimes my fears and worries dissipate, sometimes I get an answer that is uncomfortable, sometimes I get nothing in the moment and sometimes it comes later.

I remind myself in every moment that intuition is not linear BUT flowing are spiralic.


How specific do you need to get when asking?

I think that’s completely up to you – as that’s the point of all of it, is to explore and be open.

I used to ask very specific questions and want very specific answers. Once you begin to practice you realize that being too specific just creates more questions and it becomes insatiable and more confusing.

From my experience the details and specifics are too rigid and full of expectations, so I almost always focus on asking questions that are empowering vs disempowering.

What am I being invited to learn in this situation ?

How am I being invited to grow?

What I can do?

Where do I need to focus my energy? 

The focus is always on me and never on anything outside of myself.

I focus on the ESSENCE and FEELING of what I am seeking clarity on more than a specific outcome. Specifics feel more like brain/logic thinking than heart.

I find it to be very important to remind myself that intuition isn’t about certainty but about tapping into the courage of your heart and moving toward the unknown with TRUST.


And when you ask, are you addressing nature, the universe, spirit guides or another embodiment of higher wisdom?

It depends and in my opinion, it doesn’t matter. I see it all as the same SOURCE. So you can address God, Spirit, Nature…whatever you believe in is what is really important.

Mostly I address spirit and I imagine everything within me like love + light, and outside of me like nature + the cosmos. Sometimes I will speak to my spirit guides, archangels, ascended masters and light beings. There is no right or wrong way, only what feels right for you in the moment.


Do you leave interpretation up to intuition?

Because I don’t believe that our intuition is outside of ourselves, when it comes to interpretation, I believe it always comes back to individuation and how we individually perceive, feel and interpret, and that can be different for everyone and also in every instance.

I don’t see it like a handbook of significance or meanings where it’s one size fits all, like those old books used for interpreting your dreams.

Intuition is always always for me going to be about surrendering, being receptive and open and really listening from within.

I have received messages and guidance by way of a thought, a sense, a feeling in my body, a memory, a sound, an image, a song on the radio, a number sequence, an animal ( a hummingbird in the dead of winter), a “coincidence” (there are no such thing as coincidences)

There are many ways people can intuit, some are known as the clairs:

Clairvoyance: see

Clairaudience: hear

Claircognizence: know

Clairsentience: feel, sensing

You can intuit all of these ways or none of them. I wouldn’t recommend getting attached to the idea of how you intuit – just be open and receptive.

It feels like Flow vs Force, Thinking vs Feeling, Heart vs Mind.

The following things can really cloud our ability to be open and receptive:

Having Expectation, the EGO, analyzing, our programming + conditioning, fear + doubt, wanting to understand with logic, quantify or measure.

Do you often find further study, like what a certain animal can represent, necessary for interpretation?

Learning about symbolism, numerology, archetypes, animal totems, symbolism, lunar cycles, nature, astrology, tarot and such has given me a baseline and foundation and even language for interpreting my intuition but it isn’t at all necessary.

For example I have seen the numbers 1234 daily for a year, you can go with your first instinct about what you perceive it means or you can look it up and then pull out what resonates and leave what doesn’t. For me it means, keep going, one step at a time, I tend to be someone that gets too far ahead into the future and that’s where anxiety lives and breathes, 1234 reminds me to just take the next step, and that I am on the right path – keep going,



If based on intuition, how would you recommend readers nurture their own intuition to better guide them in this practice?

To nurture your intuition there are always some things I recommend, first and foremost, taking care of yourself; getting a good night’s sleep, being nourished, being hydrated. When the body isn’t functioning optimally it can be difficult to feel clear, open and receptive.

Spending time in nature has a way of quickly attuning your vibration and grounding you.

Also doing anything that relaxes you, and makes you feel open, like listening to music, creative expression, cooking, yoga, meditation, gardening, BREATHING, being present and mindful. I get the most intuitive hits when I’m driving or in a yoga class…. I always have a notebook beside me in yoga for that very reason.

I would avoid screen time, nothing shuts me off to my inner voice like my mobile device. Asking guidance from too many exterior sources, being desperate for answers, anything in excess; salt, sugar, alcohol, toxins.

Also I rewilding yourself. It’s a term I use for unlearning, unconditioning, untaming, unearthing our authentic self, our true nature that is interconnected with everything in nature. It’s claiming your sovereignty and knowing at your core that you are here alive now for a reason and you have an important purpose and role to play.

Anything that’s meant for you – cannot be missed, or pass you by

There is no sense of urgency, only trust, Diving Timing (which isn’t linear time)

And then embody all of that in everything you do and your intuition will guide you


How have you found this practice benefits your own life and/or the women you work with?

I have endured so much challenge, change, transformation, and growth in my life; career, marital, residents, health, friendships, etc..

I believe if I wasn’t as grounded in nature, my core beliefs, and connected to spirit and myself, I would still be suffering and lost in place of deep grief, sadness, confusion and despair and living out of alignment and disconnected from my purpose.

I believe wholeheartedly that listening to my intuition has always guided me toward living more deeply in alignment with my purpose and heart and because of that, sometimes intuition leads us to uncomfortable places and growth is often extremely uncomfortable. Intuition doesn’t mean smooth sailing, it means buckle up and enjoy the ride.

We really learn to swim with the current instead of against it.

Intuition has taught me to loosen the grip of control and expectation and open to the mystery, uncertainty and magic of life. When nothing is certain anything is possible ! Nobody can tell you your future and above all we have free will. Intuition is an inner voice that guides us but remember there is no right or wrong answers.

My business ‘Nurture Your Nature’ is all about holding space for women to rewild; to unlearn, undomesticate, untame, unearth and unleash their heart, spirit and intuition. Deconditioning from societal standards and expectations of a woman, mother, wife etc and nurturing our true and inherent nature, as well as, deepening our connection with nature’s rhythms and cycles.

I encourage self exploration, self discovery to uncover one’s passions, gifts and purpose. Empowering self healing, connecting back to the matriarch, the wisdom of our bodies, reconnecting women with the old ways of ritual and ceremony for sacred and intentional living and claiming our sovereignty. Intuition is the intelligence and guidance of our essence at our very core.

I teach from a place of lived experience. I teach and share from a place of integrated learned lessons. I am simply sharing my life, my heart and my continuous transformation as a woman who is in touch and guided by her intuition.

I believe that intuition guides us all whether we know it and accept it or not. In My business i no longer focus on scheduled marketing, long term goal setting, hashtags, expanding my reach and all of the other things that feel forced to me.

My business has grown organically, mostly be word of mouth and i completely trust that as long as I am passionate about my work, working hard and being of service, the right people and opportunities will find me and I have crossed paths with some incredible women, entrepreneurs, moms, and collaborations.

Once we are clear, open and receptive…the possibilities are endless.