nurture ritual


Nurture Ritual

“You are what you repeatedly do”

RITUAL – is an action with intentional symbolic and sacred meaning performed for a specific purpose in a specific or prescribed way. Unlike habits and routines, which are often mindless and carried out from a place of being in auto pilot, ritual is about being fully present and heart centered.

By creating and performing our own personal rituals, we move freely and intently in our own spiritual lives, empowering and honoring our transformations, our journey and growth, bridging our inner and outer worlds.

Personal rituals are powerful for drawing us quickly and deeply into sacred space. Weaving personal rituals into your life not only cultivates and supports your values and creativity, but also strengthens and integrates your intention and commitment to create your life with purpose and alignment.

When we set aside the quality time and claim the psychic space for personal ritual and ceremony, we are privileged to experience ourselves as prepared, present, purposeful, passionate, and potent.

》Rituals increase appreciation

》Rituals transform the mundane.

》Rituals are our lifeline to the divine.

》Rituals connect us with nature and the spiralic rhythms of life.

》Rituals can tie us to our ancestry and our heritage.

》Rituals remind us of the interconnectedness of all of life.

》Rituals help us jump into action

》Rituals provide a sense of purpose to your life.

》Ritual holds space for the full expression of our soul and spirit.

》Rituals allow us to bypass the intellect in favor of our inner knowing.

》Rituals awaken that which is eternal within us and show us how our individual lives are part of a much grander design

》Ritual is not the destination, but the journey.


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How to perform your own personal Ritual 

Respect and honour culture and tradition:
If something isn’t part of your culture – maybe skip it and explore your own cultural traditions.
Make it your own:
Rituals are personal —  avoid straying outside of yourself and find and design an experience that fits your emotions and needs, not someone else’s.

Explore self discovery:
tune into your own gifts, passions, and give it your own flair.
It doesn’t have to look a certain way but it should feel authentic to you.
Set the mood:
The proper environment is key – no phone, distractions.
A ritual must have a clear beginning, middle, and end.

May your personal rituals bring you healing, growth, purpose and peace.