prenatal yoga


prenatal yoga

This Prenatal series was created with the intention of offering yoga and much more. My goal is to provide you with exceptional guidance and address your individual needs in a supportive and community setting where your journey into motherhood can be celebrated.

With a holistic focus, I interweaves yoga, childbirth education and heart to support you throughout your pregnancy and to prepare you for birth and beyond. My additional training in fertility and postpartum yoga therapy give me more expertise in keeping your entire journey in mind.

Classes will include the yogic tools of breath work and meditation, as well as, a variety of yoga styles ranging from gentle flowing movements, supported stretches, and long restorative holds.

This is a great opportunity for you to experience the benefits of yoga, sip organic and locally sourced prenatal tea and chat all things pregnancy among friendships you are sure to form.

Recommended for women in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

Beginner friendly.

All fitness levels welcome and no previous yoga experience necessary.

This series will help to:

  • Inform – discussion on anatomy, wellness and nutrition
  • Develop mindfulness and a greater mind / body awareness & connection
  • Relieve common pregnancy discomforts (low back, hips, neck, sciatica, acid reflux, swelling, etc) by implementing therapeutic applications, appropriate yoga postures, stretches and exercises
  • Understand the Pelvic Floor and Deep Core functions and incorporate exercises to train and tone these areas to support your body in pregnancy and in postpartum prevention
  • Reduce stress and deep relaxation using guided meditation and yogic breathing techniques
  • Harness focus and concentration by creating ‘Sankalpa’ a yoga word for setting an intention of the heart to use during birth and motherhood
  • Prepare your body, mind and emotions for birth and motherhood by tuning you into your own innate birthing wisdom and intuition
  • Address emotions and fears surrounding birth and help to build confidence and trust using affirmation
  • Implement a healthy body image, self-love and self-care practices
  • Build heartfelt connections and relationships with your unborn baby and other moms-to-be in your community

Classes are held
Fridays | 7pm – 8 pm
Studio B Yoga and More
#8 – 44540 Market Way, Chilliwack
(In Garrison Village)