embody + nurture your rise

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embody + nurture your RISE with 40 days of ritual + wellness


It all begins with an intention. Then a behavior. Then a habit. Then a practice. Then a second nature. Then it simply becomes who we are. 

what it is

This is a 40 day practice and collective to devote to and discover yourself as you re-commit to healthy routines or explore new ones. The emphasis will be on daily rituals and personal practices to transform your routines and life to cultivate a stronger self love, worth and purpose.

Through commitment + devotion to personal practices our power, creativity and purpose are ignited and fueled.

  • we will REFLECT on who we are in this moment – many may be feeling a little lost, different or ready for big changes
  • we are going to dig deep into ourselves
  • then we will RELEASE what we no longer want to carry and what wants to be shed – that may be old patterns, beliefs, habits and expectations 
  • then we set intentions + ReRoot + ReBuild from the ground up
  • then we RECLAIM ourselves + our strengths + our gifts + our purpose 
  • then we BECOME by way of integration + embodiment
  • then we RISE

THIS IS NOT a rigid structured regime to add more stress and more things to your plate

THIS IS a flexible, organic and supportive collective

You decide how much and what you want to incorporate and participate in and when these practices suit you best. Everything you need to do this, is already within you.

We are not asking for you to become someone other than who you are at the end of this. There are no expectations from us nor should there be any from yourself.

This experience is an invitation to dive deeper and uncover yourself in the most subtle, gentle and loving ways, with the support of Erika and myself, and a community of women walking, participating and lifting you along the way.

what is included

•a wide variety of daily rituals + practices for you to choose from to participate in at home when it suits you best (a mix of spiritual + movement + wellness)
journal prompts to initiate + ignite self discovery
a weekly zoom women’s circle lead by Nicole (new moon, full moon, cacao ceremony, and more) 6 circles in total
a weekly zoom yoga class lead alternating by Erika & Nicole
•a nutrition workshop with RHN, Erika of Embodied Earth, to support a refresh for the body from the inside out.
meal planning, recipes, tutorials 
playlists + podcast recommendations
tarot spreads
astral insights 
•guided breath work + meditation 

what is ritual


Nicole Enns, of Nurture Your Nature, Yoga + Healing Arts, Retreat Host, and Women’s Circle facilitator, will be sharing the rituals, nature medicine and practices that she has learned and devoted herself to throughout her healing, development and growth for over a decade.

Personal rituals are powerful for drawing us quickly and deeply into sacred space. Weaving personal rituals into your life not only cultivates and supports your values and creativity, but also strengthens and integrates your intention and commitment to create your life with purpose and alignment.

When we set aside the quality time and claim the psychic space for personal ritual and ceremony, we are privileged to experience ourselves as prepared, present, purposeful, passionate, and potent.  read more about ritual here

holistic nutrition

Erika Arnold, creator of Embodied Earth, is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, Zero Waste + Sustainability expert and co-creator of Embody & Nurture Retreats & Events.

She has a passion for creating + curating locally sourced + seasonal plant based food.

As part of this program, Erika will be hosting an online wellness and nutrition workshop to introduce foods and recipes that refresh our systems strengthening and stimulating the liver and our bodies natural cleansing systems. The recipes will offer interchangeable simplified ingredients and herbs that will be supportive and beneficial to the immune system and ask us to follow our intuition without following strict guidelines or protocols.

As we bring our focus back to the basics we are being intuitively called to do the same when it comes to our nourishment and what our body is craving. Our bodies naturally work in cycles adjusting with the seasons and spring is a time we are drawn toward clearing and letting go.When we are our most vital selves we are able to dive deeper into the self. Erika will offer wisdom and guidance on beneficial ingredients and simplified yang foods to bring us into balance during the spring season as we reduce the heaviness of winter and are intuitively drawn to the lightness of spring.

 weekly check ins

*Monday mornings we will send out an email with journal prompts and ritual suggestions for the week. You choose what feels resonant, attainable and nourishing. You choose when you would like to carry out your personal practices based on your needs, schedule and lifestyle.

*Wednesdays 10-11 am | we will hold a virtual yoga class. If you can’t make the day or time, all classes will be recorded and sent to our group. A consistent yoga practice can also be part of your daily rituals if you prefer to practice more than once a week.

*Friday evenings 7-830 pm |are the women’s circles, Friday is associated with the planet Venus and the Divine Feminine energy. There will be 6 circles in total.

    • Friday May 8 – Full Moon illumination + intro 
    • Friday May 15 – rewilding + releasing 
    • Friday May 22 – New Moon setting intentions + new beginnings 
    • Friday May 29 – reclaiming + rebuilding
    • Friday June 5 – Full Moon illumination + rising 
    • Friday June 12 – closing ceremony + celebration + cacao ceremony

a message from erika + nicole


we would be deeply honored to support you and walk beside you through this significant journey of becoming + rising

we know who you are
we know what you are
we know how you serve
you Rise
you Rise
you Rise
with love + gratitude,
Erika & Nicole