summer solstice


Summer Solstice – the light within

yoga | ritual | wellness

The summer solstice offers a special opportunity for us to gather on the longest day of the year to honor the life-giving Sun, the first day of summer and the light within us all. We will move our bodies, expand our hearts, sync up with nature’s rhythms, share, receive, nurture, and bask in the beauty and magic of the full and vibrant summer energy. By connecting to the seasons, we honor the ever- changing landscape of our lives and learn to hold space for our own inner guiding light that is leading you towards living a purposeful, intentional and joy filled life.

Join me for an uplifting evening of celebration, dynamic yoga; sun salutations and heart openings and a ritual to embody gratitude and our own personal growth.


Friday June 21 2019 |6-8pm

Studio B Yoga