tarot with nicole1

Tarot + Intuition

“Intuition is not about mind-reading or seeing the future in a crystal ball. It is also not a rare or exotic gift that is bestowed only on a selective few– it is a skill that can be learned, practiced and strengthened by anyone. One of the easiest and most reliable ways to access intuition is by using oracle & tarot cards” ~

Tea + Tarot

Join sacred Sisters, Nicole & Ananda, explore tarot and oracle cards as a sacred self-practice for seeking answers, direction and guidance from within, and strengthening your intuition and self-awareness.  

We will Explore:

  • How to use divinity cards for self-practice
  • Tools for strengthening your intuition
  • Setting your intention
  • Oracle vs Tarot Cards
  • Best practices (care, cleanse, shuffling, storing)
  • Exploring spreads  
  • Interpreting the messages
  • Recognize Symbols, Shapes, Numerology, Colours

Sunday November 17th | 3-5 pm | $30+gst

Located at Studio B Yoga  in Garrison Crossing Chilliwack, BC



Learn to read in a private session:

Contact Nicole or Ananda for a private / semi private session to learn how to read tarot for yourself.

Read about Ananda here: www.ananda-enns-arts.com