I am going to miss your class like crazy. Your classes kept me going in times where things were tough. You provided such a warm, welcoming, non-judgmental environment for all us new mamas trying to figure it all out. I just wanted you to know your class is going to be the biggest loss for me in my returning back to work journey. But I will always look back on how amazing it was to bond with my baby while getting a good stretch and remembering to do my kegels.


I was reflecting on the care that you have been giving out in such a beautiful way over the last couple of weeks to myself and so many others. I am just amazed by your genuine and thoughtful care for everyone. I felt so wonderful after the reiki session and was reflecting on how incredibly gifted you are in caring for those who are bringing new life into the world. I feel so blessed to have you care for me and want you to know how much your love and support has meant to me. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for being you, being real and sharing your time and gifts with me.


Participating in Nicole’s prenatal class was an absolute treat that I looked forward to every week. She is generous in nature and has a kind heart, which is exactly what you want in a yoga teacher. You can tell from your first class with Nicole, she is well educated and thorough in her teaching. I highly recommend Nicole as a yoga teacher and friend !


My daughter is almost a year old and I have been doing a lot of reflecting, and I just wanted to say ‘thank you’. You were such a breath of fresh air and and an integral part of my healthy pregnancy. We miss you here and hope you are doing well in Chilliwack.


Nicole was/is an inspiration to me as a prenatal yoga instructor. Nicole has a beautiful community filled, caring, nurturing touch that she brings to her classes. You feel like you’re a part of something bigger and she makes the group come together in ways others don’t do. I’ve spent many hours in Nicole’s prenatal classes during both of my pregnancies and I’m sad that she’s moved away and I can no longer take her classes. If you have the opportunity, take her class. You will be forever grateful!


I’ve had the pleasure of participating in prenatal Yoga with Nicole through both of my pregnancies and I cannot praise them enough. Not only does Nicole create a customized class to meet the physical body needs of all the mommies, no matter their stage of pregnancy, she creates a class that meets their mental needs too. It was because of her wise words, and gentle energy that I was able to push past my fears about labour and delivery and find a strength and confidence for the beautiful journey of childbirth. She helped me stay grounded and gave me tools to help make labour more efficient and calming. I’ve participated in a couple other prenatal classes and although they were good, they were missing a key ingredient that Nicole naturally possesses; her energy. One class with her and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.


Nicole made my typical boring stuck at home alone and pregnant Friday nights something to look forward to! Her prenatal yoga was the perfect alternative to my usual hot yoga practice. Nourishing and gentle classes always started out with a mediation, story or poem and were designed to help us adapt to the changes happening in the body during this challenging but exciting time in life. Nicole is very knowledgeable of human anatomy and was able to easily help me modify my poses from an old injury. Her class prepared me and my baby for the birthing process through a series of breath work and different postures by focusing on a different body part or theme for each class. I learned tips and techniques that I used during labour and was able to safety maintain my strength and my practice throughout my entire pregnancy. Nicole is more than a yoga teacher and I would recommend this class to anyone!


Nicole’s prenatal class was more than just a class. It was a little community filled with love and support. Nicole is not only knowledgeable about her craft but also equally passionate. Her calming energy filled with love and light makes you feel at home. I have made so many friendships in her class that carried through to an amazing postnatal support group. Mom and Baby classes were a safe space to bond and connect and share. I am lucky to have Nicole as my teacher and now my friend. I look forward to our next adventure together.


I was very lucky to have met Nicole when I was pregnant and to join her prenatal yoga series. Nicole held a very safe, loving, and restorative space for myself and all the mama’s there. I quickly went from not wanting to leave the couch on Friday night to waiting for Friday to arrive so I could enjoy yoga! I formed friendships in her classes that continued through mom and baby yoga and into today now that I am back at work. Thank you Nicole!


I was suffering from terrible back pain right in the beginning of my pregnancy. The first day of class Nicole made sure to get to know each and every one of us and any issues we were having. After that first day at prenatal yoga was the first time I was able to sleep through the night! I looked forward to every Friday night after that. She was able to give us information/tips in which I used during my labour. I even used her meditation audio during the drive to the hospital. I drove a long distance to get to her class and would do it all over again. She truly connects with each and every one of us and would give us tea and baked us goodies for the end of class. I would recommend Nicole to everyone and anyone!


Prenatal yoga with Nicole was one of the best things I have done during my first pregnancy. She did a great job of preparing my mind, body, and soul, for the last trimester, labour, and life with my new baby. I would highly recommend Nicole for both you and your baby!


After my first day I knew hands down this would be the perfect prenatal class for me for the rest of my pregnancy. I felt everything I hoped for and much more after every class I attended, I couldn’t get enough. Not only did Nicole teach us so much about our changing bodies, pregnancy and labour, her yoga classes all supported and prepared us for the physical demands of birth. Because of Nicole and her prenatal classes I feel so much more confident for labour. Outside of class Nicole also went way above and beyond for all of her students, to make huge efforts to share her knowledge and spread her support by sending excellent articles, guided meditations, and all sorts of supportive, informative material. Taking Nicole’s prenatal yoga on a regular basis was one of the best things I did for myself during my pregnancy. Thank you Nicole!


Taking Nicole’s prenatal class was the best thing I did to get ready to have my baby. I looked forward to this class every week – it was a perfect blend of physical effort, knowledge and relaxation. I always left class feeling nourished, calm and at peace. This class taught me to trust my body and increased my confidence in my decisions about what was right for me and my baby during my labour.
Nicole is an incredibly thoughtful teacher. Whether it was how she designed the weeks class, bringing snacks and tea for all the pregnant ladies or the meditations she would play for us, she took the time to ensure every single person felt comfortable and cared for. The energy she fostered was very supportive and loving and helped to build a sense of community between all the members. I would highly recommend this class!!